Parts of our Women's Sneakers and their materials

  • Upper part – BIO NAPA LEATHER – Wet White base (no metals) Coloring process specially developed to improve its biodegradability, ISO 20200/2004. Disintegrates in less than 15 days.
  • Sole – YUTE – Comes from an herbaceous plant. Long-lasting. It biodegrades when in contact with soil and rainwater.
  • Outsole – NATURAL RUBBER – Latex from the tropical plant Euphorbiaceae, and from ficus and dandelion. Insulating and resistant due to its elastic properties. Water-repellant. Insulates temperature and electricity.
  • Lining – MICROFIBER – PU coating. Sweat and blister resistant. Approved by INESCOP with the MYREACH certification.
  • Laces – ORGANIC COTTON – Pesticide-free and free of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Free of toxic chemicals during production.
  • Linen – Comes from the stem of the Linus plant. Free of toxic chemicals in its spinning and production.
  • Eyelets – NICKEL FREE – White bronze, chemical free.
  • Insole – Removable.


Care for Women's Sneakers

How to clean your Women's Sneakers:

  • You will need clear shoe polish, a soft bristle brush and a cloth. Apply the clear shoe polish to the leather and let it dry for a moment. Use the brush to polish it and then wipe using the cloth.
  • The laces can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush, soap and water.
  • Do not use a washing machine or dryer.