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My name is Lola Barrera, entrepreneur and creator of Wisuland. Industrial designer and pattern maker by trade, I have experience in manufacturing fashion collections in both Spain and Italy, as well as experience in theater and television. 

Almost 3 years ago, bringing together my passion for design and fashion and a great concern for the environment and the health of our beloved planet Earth, I decided to embark on a new journey. I then created Wisuland, where my vision is to create a sustainable fashion project, starting feet first. 

Now, Wisuland begins its adventure in launching sustainable and stylish footwear, handmade in Spain. Traditionally handcrafted, with organic and biodegradable materials, and leaves NO-TRACE (as much as technology allows). Comfortable, lightweight and long-lasting footwear. From Spain, my home country, to the whole world.

Wisuland - Walk into a sustainable universe.

Creating consciousness

We care about our workers and their working conditions. We do not use organic materials that have been treated with pesticides, chemical or synthetic fertilizers, or toxic chemicals.

Our AIM involves our design, a circular economy (circularity), and organic and biodegradable materials. Our MISSION is to create 100% biodegradable footwear.

Where we walk hand-in-hand, focusing on wellness and uniting the elegant and comfortable, while never losing sight of our values.

Our commitment to sustainability

Warm regards,

Lola ❤️

Making a difference with love, gratitude and respect