COMET - Women's Sneakers


COMET - Black sole, white leather
Ref. WU-20-1011

Women's Sneakers - Universe Collection

Sustainable sneakers made in Spain with organic and biodegradable materials (90%) and recyclable or reusable materials (10%). These sneakers are comfortable, lightweight, and anti-allergenic. They are long-lasting thanks to their durable materials and detailed construction. A truly timeless design.

The STAR of Wisuland. Our first sneakers created after three years of research, trials, and study. 

Iconos Valores Wisuland

Parts of our Women's Sneakers and their materials

  • Upper part – BIO NAPA LEATHER – Wet White base (no metals) Coloring process specially developed to improve its biodegradability, ISO 20200/2004. Disintegrates in less than 15 days.
  • Sole – YUTE – Comes from an herbaceous plant. Long-lasting. It biodegrades when in contact with soil and rainwater.
  • Outsole – NATURAL RUBBER – Latex from the tropical plant Euphorbiaceae, and from ficus and dandelion. Insulating and resistant due to its elastic properties. Water-repellant. Insulates temperature and electricity.
  • Lining – MICROFIBER – PU coating. Sweat and blister resistant. Approved by INESCOP with the MYREACH certification.
  • Laces – ORGANIC COTTON – Pesticide-free and free of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers. Free of toxic chemicals during production.
  • Linen – Comes from the stem of the Linus plant. Free of toxic chemicals in its spinning and production.
  • Eyelets – NICKEL FREE – White bronze, chemical free.
  • Insole – Removable.


Care for Women's Sneakers

How to clean your Women's Sneakers:

  • You will need clear shoe polish, a soft bristle brush and a cloth. Apply the clear shoe polish to the leather and let it dry for a moment. Use the brush to polish it and then wipe using the cloth.
  • The laces can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush, soap and water.
  • Do not use a washing machine or dryer.

EU             UK           USA        CM

36              3.5            6            22.7

37              4               6.5         23.5

38              5               7.5         24.3

39              6               8.5         25.2

40              6.5            9            25.7

41              7.5            9.5         26.2 


How to choose the correct size

  1. Start with your usual size as a reference
  2. Measure your foot (in cm) from your heel to your toes and compare it with the cm specified in the chart for each model
  3. If you find that your foot measurement is halfway between sizes or that one foot is slightly longer than the other, it is always better to select the larger size


Spain (Free Shipping):

  • Peninsula and Balearic Islands: 24/48h.
  • Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla: 72h.


Shipping 1 Item 2 - 3 items Time 


13.50€ 23.10€ 7 - 10 days
North and South America 20€ 38.70€ 15 days
Africa  19€ 34.60€ 15 days
Russia 17.20€ 34€ 15 days
Australia / other countries 21.50€ 41€ 15 days


*international shipping is limited to 3 items per order.



Returns can be made within the first 14 days of receiving your package and items must be in their original condition. 

All information about Shipping and Returns. 



Walk into a sustainable universe

At Wisuland, we focus on creating sustainable fashionable footwear. Handcrafted in Spain, comfortable, lightweight and long-lasting. Made from 90% organic and biodegradable materials and 10% recyclable or reusable materials.

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